Menu in English


50gCarpaccio of marinated and roasted
beetroot with goaťs chesse, sunflower seeds and herb baguet
99,- CZK
70gTartar of Norwegian salmon with toast home made139,- CZK
50gCarpaccio of beef sirloin marinated
with wild rocket, wood shavings parmesan, capers and herb baquet
149,- CZK
Wine cheese plate for two people159,- CZK


0,33lTraditional beef bouillon with liver meatballs and noodles39,- CZK
0,33lCream of mushrooms with Italian truffle oil and Creme Fraische65,- CZK


2ksBruschetta gratin with goaťs chesse and wild rocket
with cherry tomato
79,- CZK
1ksGrilled Camembert chesse with cranberry sauce and a little red wine
served on the salad seating with baked toast
99,- CZK


250gGrilled chicken Supreme with mushroom ragout
Recommended side dish : Gratin potato
139,- CZK
200gGrilled chicken pocket filled with greek chesse and dried tomato
Recommended side dish: Parmesan potato purée
149,- CZK
200gGrilled chicken breast with Dijon cream sauce
With French mustard, cream, onion and delicate smoked side
129,- CZK
150gChicken cream mixture
roquefort cheese, ham,leek,champignon and onion
129,- CZK
200gDeer leg with rosehip sauce and a variety of dumplings
199,- CZK
200gPork sirloin with bolete cream sauce
Recomended side dish: Parmesan potato purée
149,- CZK
100gGnocchi with slice pork sirloin and grilled vegetables, parmesan
139,- CZK
300g Roast pork neck with sauce of baked peppers and chilli spice
Recommended side dish: mashed potatoes with bacon
139,- CZK
200gMedaillon of wild boar with reduction of sweet wine and cranberry
Recomended side dish: Roast potatoes Gnocchi on butter
259,- CZK


200gBeefsteak sirloin
Sous compliance with choice:
- Sauce of baked peppers and chilli spice
- Mushroom cream sauce
- Irish sauce with green pepper
- Pepper cream sauce
349,- CZK

Chef's specialities

250gGrilled shoulder clod steak with variation of leaf lettuce and pea coulis259,- CZK
250gPork shoulder pulpy steak
Recommender side dish: Green bean with bacon
159,- CZK
Souce cold
Sour cream with garlic39,- CZK
Spice souce39,- CZK
Tartar sauce20,- Kč
Sauce hot
Cream sauce39,- CZK
Irish cream with green pepper39,- CZK
Pfeffer cream sauce39,- CZK
Pea coulis39,- CZK
Souce of baked peppers and chilli spice39,- CZK


170gTrout fillet with herb butter
199,- CZK

Chef's specialities

200gSalmon steak at sesame crust259,- CZK
200gGrilled filet off pikeperch with tinker´s damn259,- CZK


Penne con Pollo
100g chicken meat, cream and parmesan chesse
139,- CZK
Gnocchi Quatro Formaggi
Four sorts of chesse with cream and mascarpone
129,- CZK


100gFine chicken steak with potato purée79,- CZK
100gPotato gnochi with poppy and hot butter-sweet69,- CZK


Ceasar con pollo e pancetta
Grilled chicken breast on the Roman lettuce with garlic croutons, panceta, parmesan chesse, anchovy dressing

* possible to prepare with filet salmon 40,- CZK

149,- CZK
Greek lettuce
cucumber, tomato, pepper trio, black olive, onion, feta chesse, olive oil
119,- CZK


Daily offer65,- CZK
American chesse cake with raspberry cream79,- CZK
Pancake with strawberries and vanilla sauce
vanilla ice cream, caramel, fresh orange juice and cream
89,- CZK
Vanilla ice cream with caramel and nuts
79,- CZK

Chef's specialities

Fried ice cream at coconut crust with raspberry sauce89,- CZK


200 gPotatoes boiled30,- CZK
200 gPotatos purée with butter30,- CZK
200 gPotatos parmasan purée39,- CZK
200 gGratin potatos (domestic)45,- CZK
200 gMashed potatoes with bacon35,- CZK
200 gJasmine rice30,- CZK
200 gFrench fries Julliene35,- CZK
200 gAmerican potatoes35,- CZK
200 gCroquettes35,- CZK
200 gVegetable plate35,- CZK
Baguette wiht herb butter25,- CZK
Grillled fresh vegetables
(pepper mix, zucchini, aubergine)
35,- CZK
Green beans with bacon35,- CZK
Variation Salads with dressing vinegarette45,- CZK
1ks Hot home made10,- CZK

Allergens that may include individual meals, upon request, will provide Waiters

We accept luncheon tickets (elektronic) and all major credit cards.